UPDATE 2: The Egyptian Twins

The cameras were rolling and the microphones were switched on at The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation this September when former conjoined twins Ahmed and Mohamed Ibrahim Gad walked into our offices with their parents. It was an emotional reunion with these two dear boys who greeted us with loving hugs and kisses, enthusiastic stories and even a song or two. Since we last saw them in October 2007, they have grown taller and stronger and now, at age 8, they are enjoying school and many of the normal activities of other 8 year-old children. Amazingly, they still speak English fluently even though only Arabic is spoken at home.

Ahmed and Mohamed with Eileen Tye

Ahmed and Mohamed with Eileen Tye

The boys were separated in 2003, during a landmark 34-hour surgery in Dallas, Texas while the world looked on. Today, these exuberant boys are proof that miracles do happen and we are proud to have been part of that miracle.

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