The A.R.T of Negotiation

By A. Raymond Tye

Our Foundation has one major objective, and that is to help people who have life-threatening illnesses and no financial means via insurance or personal resources to pay for the medical attention needed to save or prolong their lives.

In order to maximize the use of our own funds, we must carefully negotiate with hospitals and doctors to procure the absolutely finest treatment for the patient at the minimum of cost to us. All of the negotiations must be carried out with great awareness that patient care is not jeopardized in favor of dollars saved.

This sometimes necessitates pitting one qualified hospital against another, and one doctor or medical team against another in our determination to reduce, where possible, the cost of each and every procedure we undertake to support. In today’s medical arena, hospitals tend to be quite competitive with each other for cases available.

Additionally, the positive public relations they gain by taking on high profile, difficult cases is a highly valuable asset to hospitals. The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation is able to attract media attention to the hospital, and this is a great asset in our ability to negotiate.

Our careful negotiations have resulted in major hospitals agreeing to “across the board” discounts of 25% or more for the use of their operating rooms and other services. Also, many times the attending doctors themselves will donate their services at either a reduced rate or at no cost to us at all. These wonderful men and women provide us with heightened incentives to go on with our work, and we are so thankful to them for helping us make the best use of our dollars available.

There are some cases where only specific hospitals and doctors can be involved in a case because of the special medical expertise needed. Examples of this are SanFilippo syndrome, which you can read about in this issue, and the conjoined Ibrahim Twins from Egypt who were successfully separated in Dallas last October in a risky 38-hour surgery.

Negotiating on a very professional basis with hospitals and doctors in order to secure the best care for our cases at the least cost to our Foundation is where it’s at, and will be, long into the future.

A. R. T.

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