“Thank You” from around the world

stamps from around the world

stamps from around the world

From Jamaica
We extend a big thank you to your Foundation for the kindness you have shown during our daughter’s illness. words cannot express the heartfelt gratitude. Saying “thanks” is easy, the hardest part is showing the gratitude that comes right from the heart. May the good Lord bless and keep you always.

From Ethiopia
We first present our warm greetings and would like to say thanks from the bottom of our heart for your medical support of our son, Samuel. To the fact that you have saved our son’s life while he was in serious suffering… we feel happiness and great satisfaction. You have saved his life therefore, you are the hope to him regarding his future life. We wish you health, peace and prosperity and we thank you very much.

…and from Samuel himself
I am very healthy. I recovered from my heart sickness and currently attending my education peacefully in my country. My Father, (the boy called Mr. Tye “Father”) I said thank you very much because you saved my life by scarifying your money and time. Moreover, I really want to say thank you very much for what you are doing for other children too. I said thank you very much.
From Ecuador
(what may seem like arrogance is not. This boy had massive face and mouth reconstruction that saved his life.)
Esteemed Godparents, I am very grateful for all that you have done for me and the help you gave me in Boston. I am hoping to continue my studies. I hope you remember my Birthday in August. I’m sending you a photo So you can see how handsome I am and another of my first girlfriend! I send you my love, a big hug and a huge kiss.

From Needham, Massachusetts
Since Joyce cannot speak, I will speak for both of us as we together say “Thank You.”

From Russia
We are so indebted to you for making it possible to treat Olena’s leukemia. Last year we did not know what to do or where to turn but now we know that she has a chance to survive with the bone marrow transplant. May God bless all of you for making this treatment possible.

From Guyana
God richly bless you for your thoughtfulness and love. Words will never be enough, but we would like you to know how much we appreciate and will forever be grateful for this act of kindness towards us. Thank you for your financial support. Thank you for giving us our Miracle.

From Maynard, Massachusetts
We cannot even begin to express our gratitude for what you have done for Phillipe. A very sick little boy who was living in the poorest country in the world is now thriving in his new family. He is an amazing child and we know he will do something with his life thanks to the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation. Now he has a chance.

From Plymouth, Minnesota
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to save and extend Jennifer’s life. We are half way through the stem cell procedure and so far so good. We can’t thank you enough. This miracle couldn’t have and wouldn’t have made it without you and your heart. Thank you again. can express in their full extent the happiness and joy that we have in our hearts; kind love clearly felt in the warmth compassion that you and many others gave freely and generously. Nobody on earth will ever be able to pay for the joy found in the gleaming smile of a healthy, happy, beautiful baby face. Therefore I pray to God so that he opens the gates of heaven and pour blessings over you. God bless you.

From EI Salvador
The success of EVL T has given me t] chance to resume a life of normalcy. This procedure has put an end to ye. of ailing and suffering. My family and I want to give you many “much. gracias” for your generosity, good w and kindness. I feel very special anc fortunate and forever grateful to hav been selected among so many peop1 in need by your Foundation to help better my health as well as myself!

From St. Paul, Minnesota
Today I have read this article, “The Journey of the Heart” on the Wall Street Journal. This article made my day. I would like to THANK you million times. Today Tengis is given a life because of you, Dr. Garfein and Dr. del Nido. You brought a life for a Mongolian little boy. I cannot describe how much it means for Mongolians. Every Mongolians are grateful for you. I will pray for you and your Foundation. The golden light of Mongolian blue sky bless you. As you bring happiness for people, I will always wish you a happy life. Thank you very much again.

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