Letters from Rwanda

Erneste Simpunga is an 18 year-old boy from Rwanda who was in distress with class III heart failure symptoms for 3 years. He was suffering from severe mitral stenosis and needed tricuspid valve replacement in order to live. Fortunately, a visiting cardiac surgical team from Brigham and Women’s Hospital was able to arrange his life-saving surgery in Boston and The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation is proud to have been able to pay for that surgery.

Erneste grew up in a one room hut, the son of rural farmers dedicated to educating their children. Even when he had to withdraw from school because of his poor health, he continued to study

at home. He is back in Rwanda living a normal life following his successful surgery, and he kindly keeps in touch to let us know how he’s doing and to say “Thank You”.

From: Erneste Simpunga
Sent: Friday, May 29, 2009
To: The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation
Subject: Thank you for helping me.

Hello. How are you doing? Hope you are so good. I am not sure if you remember me but I will never forget you in my life. I am so sorry for being late to send you a message. This is because I lost your business card you gave me when we saw each other. If you recall, I came to visit you with Dr. Bolman and his wife. Please, I beg your pardon. This is how I found your email: I went to google and type your foundation. You have a nice welcome note when someone searches for your Foundation. It says THE RAY TYE MEDICAIL AID FOUNDATION, WE NEVER STOP CARING! WHEN YOU SAVE A LIFE YOU SAVE THE FUTURE.

Allow me to congratulate for this mission because you put it in practice, you do not only say it. Today, my objective is to thank you so much for paying my heart surgery.


Erneste visits Ray Tye after successful surgery.

When I met you, I tried to talk to you with my few English.  You gave me 2 pens and a red sox hat.  You told me to work/study hard and I am trying as much as I can.  I went back to school and I am studying so hard.  I am in senior 4 Biology, Chem- istry and Mathematics.  This is the class of students who dream to become doctors, nurses and pharmacists.  I am coming to the second position with 14 points out of 16.   I will send you my grades and you can see my performance if you do not mind.  Riviera High School is a new school that Dr. Bolman found for me here in Rwanda.  It is nice and expensive ($4000 per year).

I would like to be a doctor when I grow up and help other as you helped me. I wish to be a cardiologist, and I will like to come back to the United States for my college education.

I thank you once again for helping me and my God already blessed you.


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