Haiti 2010 Earthquake Survivor Geudline Agard

Mom, Eileen Tye and Geudline

Mom, Eileen Tye and Geudline

At the start of the new year 2010, Geudline Agard was an active, happy 12-year old Haitian.  A beautiful child.  Then the earthquake struck and Guedline was crushed by the rubble of a crumbled building.  By the time she was rescued and air-lifted to the USNS Comfort, she was anemic from blood loss and paraplegic having suffered spinal fractures and dislocations along with a fractured femur and serious lacerations.

She endured several surgeries over the next three months, the final one taking place at Mass. General Hospital in Boston.  The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation, moved by this catastrophic case, was happy to pay for Guedline’s post-surgical rehabilitation.  We watched as Guedline worked hard through painful physical therapy, her will to walk again always evident.  As she made progress, her fragile body got stronger and her vibrant personality started shining through.

On her 15th birthday, much to our delight, she literally skipped into our offices with her mother to say “Thank You”.  We wish her a long and healthy life.

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