Georgi’s Story

Bulgaria is worlds away if the life-saving medical care you need is in the United States. And even if you lived near that medical care but had no way to pay for it, it might as well be on the moon. Following is an example of how teamwork, dedication and perseverance led to success in treating a little boy whose life was in serious jeopardy.
Georgi Borisov - age 7 years

Georgi Borisov – age 7 years


  • Guergana Barabonkova, a caring Bulgarian woman living in the Boston area
  • The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation
  • Fernanda Medeiros, International Health Services, Children’s Hospital
  • Heung Bae Kim, M.D.,Director of the Pediatric Transplant Center at Children’s Hospital


Georgi Borisov was born in the Southeastern region of Bulgaria about 270 km from Sofia, the capital. He was born prematurely with a rare and deadly condition, Short Bowel Syndrome, characterized by infected, herniated and dramatically shortened intestines. In fact, his bowel was too short to absorb enough nutrients to keep him healthy. In this situation, bacteria feast and multiply excessively causing further complications. A child with this condition can be kept alive for a time by intravenous feeding but in many cases this type of feeding can lead to serious ramifications including liver failure and ultimately, death.

Georgi was frequently admitted to the hospital during his infancy and early childhood for antibiotic and feeding therapy but it soon became apparent that conservative treatments would no longer help him as he was developing a serious condition requiring intensive interventions that left him weak, sick and prone to spasms. He was suddenly in renal failure.

The child’s physical development slowed and he required frequent blood transfusions for his severe anemia. He was suffering chronic, uncontrollable diarrhea that led to malnutrition. He would only survive with surgical intervention to repair and extend his intestines to create more absorption surface and encourage better nutritional balance. Unfortunately, the medical experts in Bulgaria were unqualified to perform this difficult surgery. The sad story of Georgi’s plight became news in Bulgaria and by divine intervention the story was seen by someone special here in the United States.

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