Final Update: The Egyptian Twins

If you were to count up the hours that doctors, nurses, physical therapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and others have spent with formerly conjoined twins Mohamed and Ahmed Ibrahim Gad since their marathon 34 hour surgery in October of 2003, you would come up with a total of years. In looking at the boys today, you could only say that all that time spent resulted in grand success.

As one of the boys’ therapists remarked recently “The separation surgery was one of God’s great miracles. But watching these boys grow, watching them learn to walk and talk and play and love is also a miracle”. Today the boys give off so much warmth and energy that they seem to glow. Their enthusiasm is contagious. “You can see how well they respond to therapy,” said Dr. Kenneth Salyer, the Dallas craniofacial surgeon who is responsible for bringing the conjoined brothers to Dallas in 2002 and sending them home as two little boys in 2005. “We want to watch these boys grow up and go to college.”

And as you can see from this recent picture, they are well on their way.

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