2005: EVAN, a doctor; TENGIS, a newborn; AVI, a soldier

Dr. Garfein with Tengis and his mother.

Evan Garfein is a busy doctor, but he makes the best use of his time by assuring that links to live-saving information are available to all. He is co-founder of MDlinx, a medical Web network that delivers specific medical news to specific medical practitioners. He wanted to help cardiologists, for example, quickly find information on thrombolytic drugs. “It’s the only site I know of that makes it easy to learn one new thing every day,” says Garfein. “At my stage of training I don’t have time to read a whole article or go through ten different steps to get the latest news, and I knew how many other doctors were just like me.”

MDlinx culls its content from peer-reviewed medical journals and then links that content to specialty sites, such as one for internal medicine or one for cardiology. Eventually, 34 links will be offered, each linking to as many as 15 subspecialties.

Dr. Garfein is a will-rounded 35-year old man. In addition to his deep commitment to medicine and his successful business venture, he finds time to run daily – even completing several marathons – to fly fish and to play a mean game of golf. Being a doctor, however, is his life. He loves surgery for the opportunities it offers to change lives and when asked what he likes best about being a doctor he replied “my favorite thing about being in this profession is that I find it possible every day to make people less frightened of what is happening to them.”

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