David Wieselmann, Terri Carlson

David Wieselmann, Terri Carlson

I want to tell you about David Wieselmann, a 41-year-old man who has been an inspiration to us and has brightened our lives.

David comes from Northern Vermont and all his life he has been a great athlete—an avid skier and expert mountain biker—but all that changed in June, 2010 when his life took a tragic turn.

While mountain biking not far from his home, David had a disastrous accident and he knew the minute he hit the ground something was terribly wrong.  It was 3 hours before he was rescued and his worst fear was confirmed.  He had fractured his spine at C-7 and was paralyzed from the chest down.

After exhausting all avenues for therapy in his area, he became depressed and discouraged that there was no way for him to help himself.  He was facing life in a wheelchair, sitting at home, looking out at the snow and knowing he would always be dependent on his family for care.  But then he heard about the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation and reached out to us for help.  We accepted his case immediately.

I will never forget the day I called David to tell him we would support his therapy at Journey Forward, a facility in Canton, MA, extremely well-suited to working with his condition.  He let out a scream and cried with such emotion that I also started to cry, feeling just how much this call meant to him; he couldn’t believe strangers were so willing to help him.

David’s family and friends raised enough money for him to move to the Canton area where he got his own apartment and is now living a full life while making inconceivable strides with his therapy.  He is regaining feeling and some use of his back and stomach muscles and he now has slight sensations in his legs.  He is fully independent, going out with friends, meeting new people and he has even started dating!  How exciting.  I am thrilled for him!

David’s strong will and his courage are impressive.  We marvel at the improvements in his physical strength and we love seeing how his new emotional strength has made such a difference in his life.

Please CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION to the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation to help us continue our work.
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