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Coordinating Care for Patients

By Brian Cohen, M.D.

Dr. Cohen is a member of the Foundation’s Advisory Board.  He has been extremely helpful in evaluating cases, especially those from other countries, and determining the best treatment plan for each patient.  He has also found the appropriate doctors and surgeons for these cases, who have often provided their services at […]

Anatomy of a New Case

By Nancy Flagg

“The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation does the climbing, swimming and walking for those who cannot.”

The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation has proven to be a phenomenon. In just two years, the Foundation has taken care of 21 cases and reviewed hundreds more. We have a never-ending stream of appeals and […]

Smarter Giving

By Tom Cronin, CFP

Tom Cronin, CFP, is Vice President of Eastern Investment Advisors in Boston and is an active supporter of The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation.

The United States government provides incentives for Americans to give to charity by allowing tax benefits. Most Individuals are aware of […]

2007: Spotlight on “M”

We cannot reveal her name or her whereabouts. We cannot publish a photo. To do any of these would jeopardize her life—a life that was nearly taken from her in a horrifying series of events when she was just 13 years old.

This story starts in Sierra Leone, a tiny country in West Africa that […]

2006: My Close Up Look at a Miracle

written by Dick O’Toole

Following is an article by Dick O’Toole about one of the Foundation’s recent cases, 8-year old Abdul Hakim Hussein. This child and his family were victims of a late night American air strike in 2004 as they slept peacefully in their Fallujah home. Young Abdul was maimed and disfigured in the […]