ALERT! Beware of Kevin Trudeau’s Book, Free Money

In his latest book, Free Money, author Kevin Trudeau gives faulty information about this Foundation’s mission, implying that we will pay for medical bills and prescription costs in any and all health-related situations.

PLEASE BE AWARE that The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation is dedicated to providing medical and surgical care to individuals who have life-threatening medical problems, and who apply to us for help prior to receiving life-saving care. We do not pay for an individual’s past medical bills. We are sorry for the hundreds of people who have sought our help because of the inaccurate information given by Kevin Trudeau.

Please CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION to the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation to help us continue our work.

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  1. Patricia Normand November 20, 2009 at 10:46 am Reply

    Dear Mr. Tye,
    I am so sorry to hear that Kevin Trudeau’s has taken advantage of your kindness and generosity. You and your foundation are wonderful and have help so many when there was no hope to be found. I know because I came to you with concern about one little boy I just fell in love with and you helped him and made such a difference in his life and mine as well. Omar and his father Sabah Kadir would not be where they are today without you.
    We just love him and his family so much and are so pleased to see them doing so well.
    So !!! know in your heart that you and your employees are extraordinary in all that you do everyday.
    In fact I am on your web site this morning because I was looking to see how a successful website is formatted and take things on it that I feel are strong user friendly features to make our web site for the New Hospital in Mexico. Because of the experience I gained from helping Omar and Sabah and Ali, it put me in front of some very influential people who want to make a difference in Mexico. One of those people is an American woman by the name of Lavoanna Redman who was actually nominated one out of 6 of the most influential women in Mexico. Together we are working to build a nonprofit hospital the size of Dartmouth Hitchcock in Playa Del Carmen. The governor and mayor of Playa Del Carmen are behind her efforts. Land has been donated next X caret, the block and cement has been donated, all the electrical work, and all the medical equipment from x-rays machines and ultrasounds to pencil sharpeners and tongue depressors. Right now we are setting up her nonprofit here in the US and the lawyer will be filing that soon. WSI out of Portland Maine is designing her new website and doing the media campaign. The new website will be more structured with more accurate information than the one she has now. The one she has now was designed by Spanish volunteers and the translation has many mistakes and errors in the correct information.

    Nov 24th Lavonna and I have a meeting with WSI, Amir, who one of the premier financial advisors in the nonprofit sector and Randy Fox. Randy is a founding principal of InKnowVision, LLC a national consulting marketing firm that develops management and preservation strategies for clients of exceptional wealth. Lavonna was just given a 6 million dollar donation for the new hospital. We have 4 million to go until we can begin construction. This is so exciting to be a part of and I love the progress that has happen over the last few months. God’s intervention for sure
    I was in Mexico in April and went to the clinic that this hospital will be an extent ion of. It is a very small building but has helped over 100,000 people receive free medical care. Lavonna is devoted and truly loves the people of this region. I saw the need first hand to what this region faces on a daily basis and can not imagine being a parent and not being able to find care for my sick child.

    Lavonna just presented her proposal to the mayor of Playa Del Carmen who has backed her from day one with the clinic and the Governor. There were over 300 attendees who are interested in vesting. Some of the Key people involved is Lavonna Redman, the mayor and Governor of Mexico, major research institution Michigan State University, a research category 1 institution—Valerie Fletcher from IHCD in Boston.. a funded PI national center-
    Neal Flipchuck— Steven Bailey #1 Steven Bailey, MD, interventional cardiologist at the Health Science Center. . many many more high profile people with credentials, these are just a few.
    Anyway, Mr.Tye to make this long story short. Keep doing what you are doing… you are making a difference in a way that you are not even aware of at times. Never forgot what you told me on the phone… You can change the world one child at a time… If it Ok with you I would like to make sure that quote is made present in the new nonprofit hospital that will bring some much hope and healing to Mexico. Mr. Tye.. thank you for just taking the time to listen to me, when I need you help to help Omar. I have never forgotten and continue to give back to you and all those of you at the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation in a way that will make a difference like you made for me. God Bless you..
    Muchas Gracias 🙂
    Patty Normand
    home phone 207 676 9628
    cell 207 608 7560

  2. i find KT books to be bogus. It is not a righteous thing to rip people off

  3. I am just curious… you say he is bogus… well in his book it doesnt say this site gives free insurance it just states they aid in helping. Ray Ty doesn’t aid in helping? cause that’s what it appears like to me but i may be wrong

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