A Christmas Miracle

written by Denise Fitzsimmons

When we heard about Philippe he was 8 years old and dying. One look at his picture convinced us he would be our son, but overcoming all the issues that would allow us to get him here for help and a new life was a challenge. Our biggest concern was getting guaranteed funding for Philippe’s medical care once he did finally get here.

Late one night, I sat at the computer near tears, trying to think of some solution for our sick little boy so many miles away. In desperation, I typed “Haiti Medical Care US” into Google. What came up was a Boston Globe article from 2004 talking about a young man from Haiti who had a deadly tumor removed from his jaw, paid for by The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation. I next Googled the Foundation’s website. I was afraid of getting my hopes up but I filled out the form on the website and heard back from them quickly. They needed more information about Philippe and over the next few weeks we were in constant contact with each other.
Ray Tye was personally involved in all aspects of securing medical care for Philippe, but suddenly another brick wall appeared. The hospital he’d been working with to handle the case had many staff changes and promises were broken. But Mr. Tye quickly made arrangements with another hospital, our new son arrived from Haiti and we knew he would receive the best care available. Ray Tye assured us that and we wouldn’t have to worry about the financial burden; that would be the job of his Foundation.

It is almost two years later. I still watch my son every day and realize what a miracle he is. His English
is almost perfect, and his smile is permanent. With another Christmas approaching, we see a thriving,
boisterous almost 10 year old who bears no resemblance to the sick, nervous little boy who stepped off that plane not so long ago.

“We are forever grateful to all who have helped, especially The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation.”

“We are forever grateful to all who have helped, especially The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation.”

Please CONSIDER MAKING A DONATION to the Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation to help us continue our work.
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