Ray and Eileen Tye

Remembering Ray Tye

My husband was a man who adored ritual, celebration and tradition.   He found such joy in helping to prepare for gatherings.  He loved to set the table, polish the wine glasses and help with the dishes.  He was all about being together and cherishing happy moments.  As a man he was gentle, understanding and always affectionate; he was infinitely supportive.  He was soft spoken (except while watching the Red Sox) and looked forward to small pleasures like a bowl of popcorn or a glass of freshly-squeezed juice.  It was so easy to make him happy.

We humans strive for perfection but find its grasp illusive.  Few among us reach the height of its calling, but I can tell you as Ray’s wife that he attained a pinnacle of that great virtue, inspiring us to follow his lead in our dealings with the people we meet in this journey called life.

Let me assure you that the work of The Ray Tye Medical Aid Foundation will continue with the same spirit, the same vigor and the same compassion it had during my husband’s lifetime.  He remains our guiding spirit; he was truly a light upon this earth and now shines on us from his eternal home.  As hard as it is without him, we will move onward as Ray would have wished.


Eileen Tye

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